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Modular A-100 system 1.0

My Modular MachinePosted by Ed Nomi 01 Jul, 2014 12:27:58

The first build of my modular synth is quite simple, a mobile eurorack case with some different filters, bit-crushing, distortion/waveshaping, a mixer and LFO's for modulation.

System 1.0 is mainly focussed on filters and effects in order to complement and expand my Minimoog Voyager, thus making use of its nice oscillators and ADSR section but adding a lot of additional timbres to the synth.

All the modules are from Doepfer, they have a wide variety of products and are somewhat affordable.

It's better to gather experience now and start investing in more complicated & expensive modules later on.

Following modules where added at startup:

-SEM filter

-WASP filter

-vactrol lowpass gate

-waveshaper/distortion unit

-quad LFO


-matrix mixer

All kind of basic but already capable of some interesting patches!

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Modular A-100 system

My Modular MachinePosted by Ed Nomi 29 Jun, 2014 21:41:17
What can I say about this baby? No, what can't I say about this baby?
It's an ever evolving modular system that can be used for sound creation as well as sound manipulation, it's a combination of modules that are seperately sold so it's limits are only bound by time, space or money.

A modular system is never complete and thats part of it's beauty. Every modular synth is build with particular purposes in mind, which makes them quite unique.
It's also a joy to operate, design, buy and to put together.

One can fool around and experiment with a modular system or one can use it as a casual synth or audio processing tool. One can spend a modest amount or one can spend a fortune.
It will take you to the basics of subtractive synthesis and to the future at the same time.

But the most important aspect is that it's just plain fun!

For more info on the A-100 system visit or

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